Popular International Sporting Events for Tourists

Running of the Bulls Pamplona : Pamplona is a city filled with festivals and celebrations and running of bulls is considered one of its most renowned festivals. The legend goes back to 14th century Spain when cattle herders organized this festival to display their merchandise. Ernest Hemmingway described it in one eof his famous book how cow herders used to excite their cattle in order to get the attention of the buyers. The festival takes place in July so get ready to have a thrill of your life.

Tour de France

Rotterdam, a naturally flooded area leads to Noirmoutier, an island in France. Rotterdam sport an eye catching event beginning with the Tour de France that takes place alongside the shores of France which is hosted in July. It is a celebration of grand cycling during the last 98 years. The rivalry is enthralling to tourists and they can enjoy the festivity while nibbling on crackers and peanuts

Major League Baseball World Series (USA)

The World Series is a passion which all Americans share due to a long summer season which allows Major league Baseball Series to play a good number of games; thus building fan enthusiasm. The location is selected every year at the end of season. The rivalry between fans can be more vocal or competitive than that of the team, especially if the Boston Red Sox are playing the New York Yankees. So if you don’t know a lot about baseball, take an opportunity to spend a day in the stands while munching salted peanuts and crackers.

FIFA World Cup

Whether you enjoy a encounter of wits and techniques between Spain and the Netherlands, or any other team, soccer becomes an echo all around the world .

The games scheduled in Soccer Olympics 1914 will be hosted by FIFA World Cup in Brazil. With its  awesome diverse geographical features, Brazil is a place you are sure to fall in love with because of its splendid beaches, ancient Spaniard towns and tropical islands of the World cup venue.

The National Basketball Association Finals, United States

To qualify among the NBA Final you have to go 93 games and win 4 games. The NAB stars are the cream of basketball varying from all ages and bringing in a lot of popularity along. High energy dance routines are performed by cheerleaders. Baseball has undergone several changes in last 40 years like the slam-dunk, the three point shot and pendulum swing.