Popular Food of Spain or most common food in spain

Pork steak with mustard and green peppers: A delectable Spanish dish prepared with ingredients consisting of 4-T bone Steaks, green peppers, olive oil, mustard, beef stock cube, Dill, garlic cloves and salt and black pepper. Slice the peppers and place them in a frying pan adding a little olive oil and let them fry for a few minutes.

Add the finely cut garlic to the meat which should be brown on both sides into the saucepan. In the meantime temper the mustard in a cup of water with beef stock cube. Empty the liquid mustard on the already brown meat, flavor it with salt and black pepper and end cooking. Before serving the dish sprinkle it with crushed dill.


Spanish Tapas are traditionally known all over Spain and served in every bar and restaurant even in small villages. Tapas can diverge from simple to intricate and include cheese, vegetables, eggs, dips, canapés and spicy pastries. A finely cooked and large quantity of Tapas can become a vigorous meal.

The Spanish tapa is considered a fine reason for a get together among locals and families. The word tapa originally means cover or lid, probably a plausible excuse to hold a secret meeting against Moorish conquerors. In this way a delicious meal was an excellent undercover.

Rice and Pasta

Rice is a most significant ingredient in Spanish cooking, brought to this country by Moors who facilitated agriculture with different cereals and grains. Spaniards learnt about improving their irrigation system and farming from Arabs who they ethnically call Moors.

Rice, used in almost every meal is mixed with numerous other ingredients to create an abundance and blend of mouthwatering dishes famed as Spanish cuisine locally and world over. Pasta is not a local dish but rather Italian and was was most probably imported from Italy or derived from Moorish recipes but pasta is not as popular in Spain compared to rice.

Callos a la Madrileña

Callos a la Madrilène is a popular dish served in the more famous Madrid restaurants. It is usually served with blood sausage and chorizo. It is still among the favorite dishes served in top notch restaurants and many boast of having the best recipes.

Although it has fairly simple recipes, it requires a longer cooking time; this favors restaurants and large family parties. The ingredients are cooked and eaten in a meat broth along with tomato sauce, garlic and peppers.

Cocido Madrileño

Cocido Madrileno is perhaps the most luscious dish included in Spanish cuisine and is serviced in many restaurants in Madrid. It is made of chickpea stew cooked with different pork meat and sausages. At the end of the 19th century it became popular among the Spanish courts and high class citizens.

In the 20th century, Cocido Madrilène, deriving its name from Madrid, was the most asked for dish in Madrid restaurants after Callos a la Madrilena. Lately it is not as famous among Spanish dishes  due to its high price compared to its low cost ingredients.