Most Popular Whale Watching Spots in The World

Whale Watching Spots in The World

Argentina: Argentina has one of the most projecting peninsulas in the world where tourists can watch Killer and Southern Right Whales. When planning to visit this region, December and July are the most favorable months to watch Southern Right Whales that migrate to this region during those months.

It is a spectacular sight to watch these whales use their mighty tails to navigate the waters. If you are interested in viewing Killer Whales, then February-April is the time to see them when they visit Argentina’s waters to hunt sea lions. The area is officially protected by the local authorities.


Norway is home to Killer Whales and is one of the best locations for an amazing view of these large mammals. The most popular time for whale watching is from October-

January when Killer Whales pass along the Arctic coast of Lofoten Islands while chasing the Atlantic Ocean’s Herrings swimming northward. You can view Killer Whales hunting in the deeper waters of the Arctic.


Thousands of Grey Whales move from the Pacific Rim near California to the south eastern coast of Alaska during the summer months. During this time they satisfy their immense appetites by feeding on smaller marine life. The most desirable and amazing spot where tourists can view Grey, Killer and Humpback Whales, is at Whale Pass. If you are willing to take the risk of being close to these giant creatures, whale watching spots in the world kayak tours are advised.

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island, like Alaska, is renowned for watching endangered species of whales including the Humpback, Minke and Grey Whales which migrate across the globe. You can even hear the great creatures with the help of hydrophones. Vancouver Island is a haven for whale watchers from around the whale watching spots in the world and you can not only see whales but also other aquatic species like sea lions, various seabirds and dolphins.


Take a whale watching tour on one of the local fishing boats that are used to ferry tourists along the eastern coast of Iceland. This is an interesting and adventurous way to go for whale researchers and viewers who are in search of Humpback, Minke and Blue Whales that swim along the coast of the Arctic Circle during the summer months. You can come across an amazing view of a great variety of whales feeding and migrating to warmer waters. A splendid museum is situated at Husavik for whale lovers and students of this extraordinary phenomenon.


California is an ideal location to have amazing views of thousands of Grey Whales and dolphins. The secluded and serene bays of California make it a world famous spot to get closer views of these fascinating and huge mammals. Several other species of whales, including Blue Whales, can be seen. For better sightings, guided tours in the deeper waters are advised whale watching spots in the world.

New Zealand

The best place in the world to spot Sperm Whales is from the town of Kaikoura in the south of New Zealand. The giant species of whales can be easily spotted from the shoreline or by taking a trip in the open sea. Whales of various species gather along the deeply marine life enriched waters where there are favorable currents and nutrients. The region is crowded with whale watchers and dolphin lovers who comes to not only whales, whale watching spots in the world but the Hector Dolphin as well.