Liechtenstein Country Guide & Liechtenstein Travel Guide

Liechtenstein, straddled on two sides by Switzerland and Austria, is a small country ruled by a constitutional monarchy and the last principality of the Holy Roman Empire. The terrain is mountainous and has wonderful views of the snow capped Alps and glittering rivers. Most of the local population lives in the Rhine Valley which is quite wide and long. The roads are constructed directionally north to south so they pass through the valley. The road to the north points the way to the Austrian border and the south road leads the way to the Swiss border. The eastern border to Austria can be accessed only on foot due to extremely mountainous terrain. Liechtenstein country guide is highly developed and has a high standard of living. This small country is 81 times larger than Monaco.

Liechtenstein was recognized in 1719 as a principality of the Holy Roman Empire and became an independent state in 1806. During WW2 Liechtenstein remained neutral but looked to Switzerland for its protection. Although it has strong ties with Austria, it uses the Swiss also has custom ties with Switzerland. Its economy is growing exponentially due to its low taxes. The people of Liechtenstein country guide are proud that they and their country have not been engaged in any dispute or war.

Liechtenstein’s small size, when compared to its neighboring states, is a country, despite its limited resources has a large number of businesses and has a well-developed financial and economic system. Low business taxes are also a big cause of its prosperity and Liechtenstein country guide can be compared to its European neighbors in standards of living, industrialization and important monetary services. It has the highest income per capita in the entire world.

Since you can’t reach Liechtenstein by air, the recommended way to travel there is by landing in Zurich, Germany, 115 km away from Liechtenstein country guide. From Germany you would take the rail to Liechtenstein. You can also use one of the airports in Vienna, Austria.

Local taxes in Liechtenstein are low so commodities like food and accommodations are expensive. In fact you may not find a lot of accommodations in the whole country. However, you can easily find reasonable lodgings in nearby Switzerland.

The capital city of Vaduz is perhaps the first place to start your wonderful journey in this beautiful country. Vaduz is renowned all over the country for being a major shopping center. This is the place to be if you are looking for that special souvenir. Besides this, you will find all kinds of delicacies while shopping in Vaduz. Ski lovers will enjoy exploring the ski museum. The capital is full of interesting and must see museums where you can find more about this country and its people. Liechtenstein National Museum displays an immense collection of artifacts about Liechtenstein history and many modern exhibits. It is perhaps the best place to learn about the cultural heritage of the Liechtenstein people. Schloss Vaduz is the majestic castle and home to the royal family overlooking the city of Vaduz. The amazingly picturesque countryside surrounding the city is irresistible to the human eye. You can hike, bike and enjoy mountain climbing in the summer and skiing in the winter.