Month: February 2017

Nightlife in Toronto

Marilyn and Charles Baillie Theatre: Marilyn and Charles Baillie Theater is located in the Distillery Historic District in Toronto, and is one of the largest event venues at the Young Center for the Performing Arts. It is a splendid theater with balcony seats and orchestra, surrounded by magnificent wooden decor. It features elegantly furnished interior […]

Oslo City Guide

Overview Oslo is the capital of and most populous city in Norway. It was founded in 1048 by King Harald III. The city is the scientific, economic and cultural centre of Norway. It has a variety of attractions for tourists as well. This is why, if you want to visit an interesting place this year, […]

Popular Foods of USA

Americans love to eat. There are various popular dishes of the USA that you can enjoy when you are visiting this country. Hamburgers, apple pie, Shoofly pie and more, American food includes a wide variety of mouthwatering cuisines. Here are some of the most popular foods in USA that you must taste on your trip. […]

Popular Festivals in the Philippines

The Festival of Ati-atihan: The Festival of Ati-atihan is celebrated in January on the third Sunday of the month and is the wildest fiesta in the Philippines. The participants color their faces in black and dress in colorful clothes, dancing traditionally during this two weeks long festival. The Festival of Ati-atihan is celebrated in honor […]

Most Popular Whale Watching Spots in The World

Whale Watching Spots in The World Argentina: Argentina has one of the most projecting peninsulas in the world where tourists can watch Killer and Southern Right Whales. When planning to visit this region, December and July are the most favorable months to watch Southern Right Whales that migrate to this region during those months. It […]

Pyramids of Egypt Overview

The pyramids of Egypt are among the most exotic and breathtaking structures in the world. They are beautiful, majestic, and spellbinding, reminding the onlookers of the culture, religion, and lifestyle of people who once lived there. The extraordinary structure and size of these pyramids make them look very mysterious. It was the belief of the […]

Popular International Sporting Events for Tourists

Running of the Bulls Pamplona : Pamplona is a city filled with festivals and celebrations and running of bulls is considered one of its most renowned festivals. The legend goes back to 14th century Spain when cattle herders organized this festival to display their merchandise. Ernest Hemmingway described it in one eof his famous book […]